-GROUNDHOG DAY the movie and our current day-to-day…

Dear Maison Family,

Such strange days we are in… We’re all in it together as long as we are six feet apart, never has community and family meant more as long as we don’t touch or hug. I wake up every morning in the cycle of groundhog days that have become both predictable in the motions and unbelievable in the reality of what surrounds us. So much unknown that more often than not have nothing to do with the original fear of an unknown virus.

I can’t even imagine how many restaurants and other small businesses will be permanently shuttering their doors, some with generations of family members still chasing the dreams of their fathers and fathers before them.

For a year and a half my dream of opening a small restaurant was blossoming right before my eyes, for five hundred and seventy two days the dining room at Maison has been a place of laughter, where the sound of the music in the background often went unheard as the sound of each of you celebrating the day, cherishing each moment filled the air and my heart.

The silence of the dining room of late has been deafening. But we will continue to dance, to sing and smile and we ask that you continue to support us, by dining in, ordering take out, or just popping by to say hi.

There is still an immense sense of satisfaction I get from both cooking for and serving each of you, our guests, at Maison and that is undiminished, it’s truly what I was made to do, even in the quiet evenings that surround us at the moment my heart is bursting with joy from the memories made in these four walls and the memories and laughter that I know will fill the room once again. There are moments in the day where the flow of service makes me immediately feel like the song is about to start… like the opening credits at a theatre for a film you’ve been waiting months to see… then right as the anticipation is about to make you jump from your seat… the curtain is drawn and then with an abrupt halt the host asks you to leave your seat. But the show must go on and my dance will continue.

On the home front the boys and I (them unwillingly and unenthusiastically) have started a book club. My forced final oorah before sending Nate off to college… I’m hopeful he’ll thank me one day. They are healthy and strong, I am blessed. Jax, one of our dogs was diagnosed with elbow dysplasia a few weeks back and thanks to the advice from a few of you incredible guests, we’ve changed his diet and added supplements and he is getting back to being his old happy wild self.  Georgia, my little Puerto Rican girl is perfect, truly.  I may very well be on my way to becoming the crazy dog lady… if I’m not there already.

Never in my life would I have pictured that even in the messy world we live in my life would still be so incredibly beautiful.

One day years from now, when my back is crooked from years over the stove and I’m living in Puglia with the dogs, goats and fava beans (yes, if you ever see me staring off in the distance, this is what is going through my mind), I’ll look back at these days and smile… as for today I may shed a tear or two with the sorrow that seeing so much hurt in the world brings, but more importantly I know that there is a plan that is much greater than my own and I’m just grateful to be on the journey, learning, laughing and dancing along the way.

I know that times are tough, that the weight being thrown on each of our shoulders just by the mere action of getting up every morning with each days challenges can be overwhelming. If you or anyone you know need any support, whether it be meals on your table or a listening ear, please know you are not alone and that my door is always open. We will only move forward when we once again support each other and lift each other up when we stumble.

Stay safe, stay healthy, love without reason, laugh wholeheartedly… smile behind the masks and drink good wine.

Sending love,
Chef Danielle

PS. It’s amazing to see how the boys have grown over the last two years, from the day that we signed the lease with an empty space behind us… to a year into service at Maison and finally… mid global pandemic. Find the good in everything you do and the good will find you right back.